Benefits of A.Alan's Anti-Stain  Fabric Protection

A.Alan's Anti-Stain resists soiling and staining as soil remains on the fiber surface. This allows for easier, faster and more efficient cleaning, thus reducing labor and cleaning costs. Since soil and stains remain on the fiber surface, they are more easily removed. A.Alan's Anti-Stain benefits also include a reduction in sun fading, mildew, static electricity, smoke density and flame spread.

A.Alan's Anti-Stain does not contain any water. Therefore, it cannot promote shrinkage or color change (no yellowing, color fading, brownout). A.Alan's Anti-Stain has an indefinite shelf life, so it can be stored and used year round under variable climatic conditions.   A.Alan's Anti-Stain is non-toxic.

A.-Alan's Anti-Stain special formula allows the protection to "wick" or "penetrate" into every fiber, even down to the backing, regardless of type of fabric. A.Alan's Anti-Stain actually helps straighten fibers while remaining odorless and colorless.

A.Alan's Anti-Stain helps fibers resist wear and abrasion. Treated fibers are up to 60% more resistant to wear and abrasion as the soil must wear off the protection before causing wear on the fibers. Similarly, fabric fibers must wear off the protective A.Alan's Anti-Stain finish before they can wear on each other. This "wear resistance" promotes longer fabric life and less frequent replacement.

A.Alan's  Anti-Stain can be used on virtually every type of fabric, from cotton / polyester blends to finer fabrics such as silk and chintz.

It's the perfect solution to all these common problems

  • Anti-Stain spills bead up & wipe up fast and easy.
  • Anti-Stain enhances resistance to mildew and sun fading.
  • Anti-Stain reduces flame spread and smoke density.
  • Anti-Stain reduces static electricity.
  • Anti-Stain is safe to use on all types of fabrics (natural & synthetic) and suede.
  • Anti-Stain does not change the color or texture of fabric.
  • Anti-Stain prolongs the life of your fabrics

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A.Alans Reliable Carpet Cleaning - South Florida's most reliable steam carpet cleaning company!
A.Alans Reliable Carpet Cleaning - South Florida's most reliable steam carpet cleaning company! A.Alans Reliable Carpet Cleaning - South Florida's most reliable steam carpet cleaning company!